Welcome to the latest version of Tweet4Gary. A brand new site to take us up to and beyond the 2015 General Election.
The site has been completely rewritten with an aim of simplicity. The site has been checked on all current browsers, with its fully responsive design it should now be easier to check the site on the web, on phones and tablets, the site is fully cached for speed.
As this is also our sixth anniversary year, we’ve looked forward to relaunching with a new look and feel but our roots remain the same. Most will of course know the site was named in support of Gary McKinnon and we’re delighted to know that Gary is now doing so well.
Everyone who followed Garys Mum @JanisSharp and her #FreeGary Campaign for many years will know how devastating the UK/US Extradition Treaty has been to individuals and complete families.
The Extradition Treaty is still in force.
Between now and next May we encourage everyone to contact their local MP to express their thoughts on this issue.
Believe it or not there are countries that will not extradite their citizens to The United States.
Before the last election Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said the UK/US Extradition Treaty was morally wrong.


Anyone affected by this treaty will be supported by this site.

Thanks to everyone who has tweeted, retweeted.

Onward and Upward @Tweet4Gary